our classic carrier

BabyMoon Classic is an ergonomic baby carrier with patent-pending doctor-approved design. These carriers enable parents to continue their everyday routine with their hands free and child safe. With care for each child, the carrier’s stitching was carefully designed in order to provide the right balance of flexibility and spine support to both child and parent. With a variety of designs to match each season and a wide selection of high-quality hypoallergenic fabrics, BabyMoon Classic perfectly marries fashion and comfort. 


safe design

Mai Tei DesignWhen designing our carriers, we wanted to provide our customers the best babywearing experience possible. Drawing from the traditional asian Mei Tai style, BabyMoon's textile engineer focus on integrating simplicity, support, and versatility into each carrier.  The design of BabyMoon carriers are compliant with EU safety standards (EN13209-2). Our carriers hold babies in an orthopedically correct position, supporting proper hip development. The carrier pattern is approved by the East European Osteopathy Association, signifying proper adjustability for positioning and redistributing the weight of a baby in alignment with the parent’s center of gravity and spine curvature.

natural materials

BabyMoon Fabrics Our carriers are made from the highest quality fabrics, which are 100% natural and environmentally sustainable. Fabric types include hemp, linen (flax), organic cotton, and wool blends (Woolmark Network) with 280+ g/m diagonal, double diagonal and jacquard weave fabrics. All materials are hypoallergenic and selected for their weight bearing and distribution properties, as well as their high washability and user friendliness. 

convenient & discrete

BabyMoon BreastfeedingDue to a meticulous choice of fabrics, our engineers constructed a comfortable carrier without needing supportive padding, resulting in a carrier compact enough to fit into a purse and strong enough to carry a napping three-year-old. 

Additionally, breastfeeding is easier and more discrete than ever as the carrier may be positioned lower on the chest to provide access for your little one (see right). 


our founder

With more than 10 years experience in baby carrier production and parenting education - not to mention carrying four of her own children along the way - Geta understands the challenging and wonderful realities of being a parent. It is her passion for helping a world of moms and dads improve their parenting techniques and raise up a capable and resourceful next generation that has led her to launching BabyMoon. Additionally, Geta is leading the development of the BabyMoon Smart carrier, which integrates an eTextile vital sign sensor into our Classic carrier in order to empower smarter parenting and better health care for children. 


Geta Rasciuc (Founder BabyMoon)