why carriers?

The learning curve for becoming a great parent can be difficult. In today’s day and age, there are thousands of parenting techniques and methods out there - all attempting to help you raise your child. However, study after study has proven the most effective way of understanding your child’s needs while increasing his or her social and intellectual development is by way of the centuries-old technique of babywearing. How is this? We like to say it’s all about the “hugs, kisses, and adventures!" 



babymoon hugsThe simple act of a parent and child hugging naturally pumps Oxytocin into their systems, enabling both parent and child to feel loved. Such feelings not only brighten the day, but they also allow our minds to develop and our bodies to heal. By holding your baby close in one of our carriers, the “hugging” that ensues develops healthy attachment bonding and an increased understanding of your child’s needs and desires. Additionally, the close hug of the baby allows proper hip positioning for your child and support for your spine. Enabling the important “M-positioning” of the baby’s hips while in the carrier, BabyMoon helps prevent hip dysplasia. Likewise, our wide straps, two-way adjustable buckles, and weight distribution methods allow you to maintain your center of gravity and comfortably carry your child throughout the day. 



babymoon kissesBy keeping your baby “close enough to kiss,” you will pick up on subtle physical and emotional cues that enable deeper communication and interaction with your baby. Long before the development of verbal skills, close contact allows both parent and child to better understand and connect with one another. When seeing your face and knowing you are around, your child may adapt much faster to life outside the womb. Plus, you can kiss that tiny nose all day long!



babymoon adventuresParenting changes you, and yet it doesn't. You will go on liking your favorite music, your favorite books, your favorite places, but now you always have a small and curious partner to share your favorites with. BabyMoon will help you explore places difficult to reach with a stroller or by holding the child. This could be a concert in the park, a hiking or shopping trip, or a vacation in a land far, far away. Each step of the way, your baby will be there with you - experiencing new people and places as the child’s social skills and network continues to grow.