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The main beach in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

Women, facing few job prospects, travel to Sosua from across the island to find work in the sex industry. Image by Emily Codik.

Dominican Republic, I often visited Sosua beach women as a kid, but over the years, things had changed. Once a quiet village, Sosua had turned into woken bustling sex-tourism destination. I was surprised.

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Adult prostitution is legal in the country, but in Sosua it felt much more sosua beach women. Just hours into my trip, I realized the Sosua my grandparents knew was goneā€”and plans to bring parts of it back were probably too late.

At the main beach in Sosua, Dominican Republic, there are hundreds of shacks selling food, drinks and souvenirs. Sex workers walk around trying to find clients.

To find the hints of its history, tourists would have to know where to look. A small Jewish sosua beach women chronicles the truth of this place: In the s, Holocaust refugees womej safety in Sosua, which was established by a Jewish relief organization. But it sosua beach women opens for services a few times a year.

Efforts, however, are slow moving, and funds have yet to come. Skip to main content.

Donate Now Donate. Few of the sex tourists who visit Sosua likely know how it came to be. Sitemap Login.